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December 25, 2012

Today is December 25, 2012


To many, ’tis Christmas Day

To others, ’tis 4 days after the world was “supposed” to end

To some, ’tis a lonely time


To me, ’tis a day where we give more than we receive, ’tis a day to  be unconditional in all our affairs, ’tis a day of gracious gratitude



Happy December 25, 2012


Welcome to a world of new beginnings, unexplored territories, and dimensions that might even boggle the mind.

May you all live each moment like it may be the last.



Lots of love and laughter,


Jo Martinez



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Surrey Muse Featured On Local Connection

An excellent focus in on the highlights, the essence of what is known as Surrey Muse (coverage begins just after the 10:30 mark)…  Thank you to Local Connection and all those involved in putting this together.

Surrey Muse has blossomed as a thriving group in a very short period of time.  Recently having celebrated its one year anniversary, this is a place where creativity can be found in abundance, lively yet intimate, it is a place where local authors, poets, musicians and other artisan types can all be found mingling at the Surrey Muse monthly gatherings. Regular meetings are held at Surrey City Centre Library on the fourth Friday of every month, except December.

For more information please visit:

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