10 Aug

From Jo's Perspective...

Waves of the Ocean,

Come crashing over me, currents are strong, it’s been so long, don’t even know where I belong, wipe those tears, the grief, the bleak, the turmoil, from all these years, now comes time, to face those fears.

Waves of the Ocean,

Take all my pain away, so I may live, to see another day, and maybe, remember how to play, this is my life, must find a way.

I want to jump, I want to soar, I really long, for all that and more.

Waves of the Ocean,

The time is near, the message is clear, finally, I hear, I feel it somehow, that means for me, the time is now…

Waves of the Ocean,

The tide is in, the waves are calm, we shall begin, it’s a brand new dawn, it’s a brand new day, yikes, we’ve really made some headway, the spirit is clean…

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Posted by on August 10, 2012 in Jojo's Poetry, Randoms


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