My Heart

09 Aug

From Jo's Perspective...

My heart…

Soiled, toiled, tattered, and torn.

My heart…

Beaten, broken, confined, and full of mourn.


Longing to be free, complete, and full of glee,

Heavy burdens have been placed upon me…

Living against the grain,

Full of angst and oh, so much pain.

Sinking, sinking, sinking…

Time to fight for your life.

Determination, courage, gratitude,

Need help to see the light.

Grieving, healing, visions and grace –

Alas, I can once again, see my own face.

Trust the night and even the day,

Trust the self and find your own way.

Feel the feelings, be the warrior –

Walk on,

Keep walking on..

What’s that I see?

Could it be?

The light at the end of the tunnel,

It’s right in front of me.


My heart…

Has done much healing, OMG.

My heart…

So much stronger now,

Rebirth, triumph, I can finally see..

My heart…

Treat it…

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Posted by on August 9, 2012 in Jojo's Poetry, Randoms


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