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Have you checked out Surrey Muse yet???

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From Jo's Perspective...

To learn more about photographer Janet Kvammen, and to peruse her magnificent works, visit PlanetJanet Creations

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From Jo's Perspective...

Waves of the Ocean,

Come crashing over me, currents are strong, it’s been so long, don’t even know where I belong, wipe those tears, the grief, the bleak, the turmoil, from all these years, now comes time, to face those fears.

Waves of the Ocean,

Take all my pain away, so I may live, to see another day, and maybe, remember how to play, this is my life, must find a way.

I want to jump, I want to soar, I really long, for all that and more.

Waves of the Ocean,

The time is near, the message is clear, finally, I hear, I feel it somehow, that means for me, the time is now…

Waves of the Ocean,

The tide is in, the waves are calm, we shall begin, it’s a brand new dawn, it’s a brand new day, yikes, we’ve really made some headway, the spirit is clean…

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My Heart

From Jo's Perspective...

My heart…

Soiled, toiled, tattered, and torn.

My heart…

Beaten, broken, confined, and full of mourn.


Longing to be free, complete, and full of glee,

Heavy burdens have been placed upon me…

Living against the grain,

Full of angst and oh, so much pain.

Sinking, sinking, sinking…

Time to fight for your life.

Determination, courage, gratitude,

Need help to see the light.

Grieving, healing, visions and grace –

Alas, I can once again, see my own face.

Trust the night and even the day,

Trust the self and find your own way.

Feel the feelings, be the warrior –

Walk on,

Keep walking on..

What’s that I see?

Could it be?

The light at the end of the tunnel,

It’s right in front of me.


My heart…

Has done much healing, OMG.

My heart…

So much stronger now,

Rebirth, triumph, I can finally see..

My heart…

Treat it…

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