A Box O Chocolates?!? Perhaps!?!

10 Mar

I wrote the words below, a year ago on Valentine’s Day when my uncle passed away.  In honour of my Aunt Margaret’s passing last week, and my grandfather’s passing this week, I have decided to share these words with all of you as I realize everybody goes through these experiences, and well, I share these words in hopes of aiding others on their journey through life….

Life is like a box of chocolates, isn’t that what Forrest Gump said?  Well, I am starting to think he may have had a point. Every time you select a chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get, it might be filled with poison, and this could be your last day on the earth plane, you could bite into one that is filled with tang and pazzaz which may represent meeting the love of your life or winning the lottery, maybe you pick out the chewy chocolate from the box and end up with a day full of indecisiveness, either way, it will always be a surprise.

How do we make it so there is no surprise, you ask? I would imagine, metaphorically speaking, if you read the cheat sheet that tells you what the flavours are, you can somewhat prepare for the result, you know, sort of like an attempt to make a plan in life. What happens with a plan? Well, we make them, and sometimes they work out from being organized and prepared in advance, though, there really is no guarantee in life, and even when making a “plan” it might not necessarily work out. You see, the chocolate truffle you have selected based on the guide you read could have been injected with nougat or cherry in error, or by quota. You know, kind of like there are no coincidences?

It doesn’t matter what chocolate you pick out of the box, what matters is what you do with that chocolate. Whether metaphorically speaking or not, so, take a risk today, and try a new kind of chocolate, because tomorrow’s bite could be filled with poison and your time might just run out before you were ready.


Written by: Jo Martinez


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