Adolf Hitler As An Artist?!?

28 Feb

What??  Crazy, I know… Well, they do say the most talented artisans are also the craziest ones!!  Did you know that Adolf A Hitler actually pursued a scholarship in the arts to fulfil a lifelong dream?  This of course, was all before he became the man who we all knew him to be.  Allegedly, his works were completely insulted and he was told by his peers that people would never appreciate his works no matter what he had created, thus making the decision to become the scariest figure in the history of the world, to date.

It never ceases to amaze me how the term, “a little love goes a long way” really does ring true and can affect the future of an individual.  Understandably, we do all make our own choices in life, at the same time, should we extend an extra smile or provide an extra moment to listen to what frustrations or struggles a person is going through, can greatly impact the choices they make in their future endeavours. I guess it all comes back to perception and positive thinking, doesn’t it?!?

In the end, Hitler had shot himself dead.  Suicide, another very serious topic, which is unfortunately much too common in the world today.  Sadly, it is more often than not, an act that is a direct result of insult or lack of understanding.  A talented artist friend of mine had also committed suicide a few years ago.  Now looking back in hindsight, had people not mocked her artistic visions and creative abilities, had she received more encouragement for her works and inspiring beliefs, she very possibly could still be here today.  Sadly, she, and many others are here no longer.

I do realize that this is a very random topic, though, I felt compelled to share something about it.  Especially, considering some of his art has just been found after they have been missing for many, many, many years.

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Written by: Jo Martinez

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