On Smiling

26 Feb


Smile in the dark, smile in the wind, smile when you’re on the bus, smile when you’re driving, smile when you are reading, smile when you’re walking, smile when you are on your phone, smile when you’re online, smile when you are inspired, smile when you are working out, smile when you’re creating, smile when you go for a hike, smile when you accomplish a new goal, smile when you wake up, smile when you go to bed, smile when you are buying groceries, smile at a stranger, smile at a loved one, smile at your friends… smile when its’ not expected, always.

JUST SMILE… LIFE IS MUCH TOO SHORT TO FROWN… besides, wouldn’t you rather smiley wrinkles than frowny wrinkles??? I know I do!






Written by: Jo Martinez


Posted by on February 26, 2012 in Wellness/Metaphorically Speaking


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