Stanley Park: A Special and Magical Place

25 Feb

Situated off the coast of downtown Vancouver.  Stanley Park has housed 1000’s of raccoons and many squirrels over the years.  A place where adventures thrive in abundance from strolling along the seawall, to Eagles soaring with pride.  The trails have been marked by many dogs and the Mermaid glances your way every time you look her in the eye (a tad bit eerie).  What about the Lions Gate Bridge under where many cruise ships sail, each and every year.  Then there is second beach – home to the swimming pool where many Vancouverites spent their childhood guiding their siblings to the slide.

Stanley Park is also home to English Bay– a beach that is second to none.  It’s the place where many visitors and residents have stopped to sit at one of the benches that offer breathtaking views and enjoy fish and chips or a sushi lunch.  Perhaps as they admire the waves of the ocean and sit in quiet contemplation.  English Bay, where many flee to every year to watch International fireworks displays, to dance at the annual Gay Pride Parade, and to jump into the Pacific Ocean on New Years’ Day for the famous Polar Bear Swim.

Stanley Park is a historical Vancouver monument, a great part of Canada’s heritage and community vibes of Vancouver, British Columbia.  Between the yacht club, totem poles, and famous tea house, the works of various painters can be found on display through the summer months, accompanied by musicians, and lush gardens.  Of course, there is Lost Lagoon and many other reasons to visit Stanley Park.  One could go on forever talking about the beauty and things to see and do.  There’s the hollow tree, double-seater bicycle rentals, train rides, seasonal displays, there is just too much to mention here, you’ll just need to come and explore it for your own self.

Written by: Jo Martinez


Posted by on February 25, 2012 in Fave Spots Around The Globe


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