On Stretching!!!

21 Feb

Stretch often…  Stretch daily… Stretch for life!!!  Stretch and feel good!

It is important for us to release our daily tensions in healthy manners. The more we stretch and breathe the more we find constructive ways of releasing our pent up energies, thus reducing the risk of developing anxiety and depression.  By doing so, we have less desire to find negative ways of releasing those toxins.

Try this at home, or on the plane, or at work, or where ever it is that you have a few extra minutes in your day to commit to this task.  Just set aside 8 minutes per day, during the next 3 weeks, and find a spacious space, where you will not be disturbed and just “STRETCH

Stretch it all out.  Stretch that spine! Stretch those legs! Stretch those sides and feel good!!!

Preggers??  No worries and no excuses, just click here for some tips on stretching while expecting.

I guarantee you… if you do this… you will feel at least 10 times better than you do right now, at this very moment.





Written by: Jo Martinez


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